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iQare is the first company to provide a fully integrated icloud platform which connects the world of care providers seamlessly together with carers and consumers by  smartly integrating  communications; telecare, tele health, home automation and digital entertainment into one platform. 

It achieves this through a state of the art content management system and applications which are accessed through intuitive picture touch button icons/menus  to ensure users can easily access a portfolio of products and services.  

iQare delivers a complete suite/set of APP'S vs standalone solutions, which are 100% integrated. The platform is designed to be hardware independent.

The iQare icloud platform increases:

  • an 'individual's' ability to remain at home,  in touch, informed, independent and safe
  • the peace and mind of 'family & friends'
  • the ability of 'service providers' to deliver  more effective and cost efficient care at a distance solutions
  • the support for 'care givers' to ensure they have easy access to the  day to day or emergency support they need  

The iQare solution provides the foundations for next generation care solutions


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Patents/IP/Copyright are  owned by one of the founders John Vermeulen’s through is  software development company  Soft Orange.NL   




An exciting icloud solution to deliver personalisation solutions.

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Public Sector Service Commissioners


Improve your service levels and cope with increasing costs and reduced capacity

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Private Sector Home Care Service Commissioners


To provide  ways to remotely  support you  deliver  effective & effective service. Click here for more information  Carers & Support Workers



Home Care Service Providers


Improved quality of life, independence, wellbeing facilities enable families to stay in touch 24/7.   For more info - Individuals & Families›

 Private Healthcare Companies

What's New ?

  • Sol connect use iQare for their customers (uTube video)
  • Enhanced ' e support' and new 'devices' 

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